Planned Giving Pocket Guides

This is the insider’s guide to what planned gifts can do for your donors and for your organization.

Slip this handy, easy-to-digest booklet into your pocket before your next round of prospect calls. It’s not another ways-of-giving brochure — it’s a whys of giving that helps you better understand the upsides and downsides of different giving options for both you and your prospects.

Use the Ultimate Quick Reference guide to gain more satisfied donors and achieve better financial results for your nonprofit.

This is the overly-simplified version of our Pocket Guide, but written for beginners and staff. If you want your program to grow, start here. It’s easy to read, easy to understand, and great to keep on hand.

Created for nonprofit newbies, it’s perfect for anyone who’s mystified about planned giving and its many benefits.

Some organizations have even made this gift planning guide required reading for any employees or volunteers — including administrative assistants.

Looking for something to help inform board members, volunteers, and philanthropists about planned gifts in clear, non-technical language?

You just found it.

Designed to be the perfect handout at Legacy Society gatherings, luncheons, or donor visits, this booklet explains gift planning options simply, clearly outlining the benefits.

Our new Pocket Guide for Board Members, Volunteers, and Philanthropists can even be customized with your organization’s brand.

We know that achieving your mission is critical.

Our mission is to help make your job easier.

At PlannedGiving.Com, we believe in helping you to raise more and larger gifts. We’re a leading provider of comprehensive planned giving marketing solutions that will get your message through to your donors.

Our approach starts with strategic planning, but we also provide electronic lead-generation tools; planned giving marketing materials (including landing pageswebsites and direct mail); as well as webinarsworkshops, and conferences.

Whether you are new to planned giving or not, the above three booklets will come in handy.

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